Better Developer Color Picker with AR Companion
Made by developers and for developers.
Picking Colors in Easy Way
Pick any color from your screen or real world with one tap and get color code in any format quickly and easily.
It's just works!
Enjoy powerful but easy to use features making your life easier!
Free AR iPhone Companion App
Use free Coloree Companion and pick colors from real world using your iPhone camera. Receive colors in real time over Bluetooth. No internet or Wi-Fi connection needed!
25 color code
formats included
Copy and covert color codes from/to 25 formats including Swift, Objective-C, .NET, Java and more.
Smart Loupe
for quick color picking
Smart Loupe mimics default color picker tool allowing you to select color code from context menu directly.
Usual Behavior
Coloree uses default macOS color picker providing comfort and known user expirience.
Color History
Color history preserves recently picked colors allowing to access them quickly and easily.
Detect Colors
Just copy color code from your text editor and Coloree automatically detects it.
Sketch, Illustrator and Photoshop integration
Easily send picked colors to Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch. No additional configuration, no hassle, no bullshit.
Global Shortcuts and Quick Access
Use global shortcuts to invoke Coloree functions from any app. Right-click on Colore icon in status bar to show Smart Loupe.
Customize almost everything
Customize everything including code generation rules, shortcut keys, list of available color conversion methods and more.
Buy Coloree now and get more!
We have wide roadmap of future minor Coloree releases. You will get all updates until Coloree 2 is released for free.
Full Screen Color History
See color history in fullscreen mode and manage colors in comfortable way.
Customized Color Codes
Colore uses JavaScript inside to provide color-to-code and code-to-colore conversion and clipboard text detection. You can define almost any color code conversion using JavaScript.
Color Kit Generation
Open .xcassets from Coloree to provide color library generation and color editing directly from the app. Open and edit Android values XML files directly from Coloree.
Get Coloree and Coloree Companion Now
Coloree is available in Mac App Store only for $4.99,
and Coloree Companion is available on the App Store for free!
Looking for Coloree Sketch Plugin? Download it here.

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